Güçlü Makine started to operate in 1980. Our aim is to offer the advanced technology products to our customers. It installed the first CNC Bogie Driving Press, Robotic Bogie Body Welding Production Line, Full Automated Bogie Body Sanding Machine in TUDEMSAS Sivas Railway Car Plant in our country. Our firm also delivered the testing devices which test the Brake System of Railway Cars to the railway car plants. We continue to work in order to introduce the high-tech systems used in the production and maintenance of railway car in our country, to increase the production quality of maintenance and production plants in our country, and to introduce the new technologies to our customers. We keep going as the Turkish representative of firms which make the quality production in their sectors worldwide. Some of the firms, which we represent, are as follows: BlastmanRobotic (Manufacturer of Robotic Sanding System.), Scanmin (Coal Analysis Devices), Robbi (Manufacturer of motor revision machines). Manara (manufacturer of airplane fuel bowser). We were awarded 600 projects. Our principle references are Turkish Armed Forces, Universities, Physics and Chemistry laboratories of Universities, Institutions and schools of the Ministry of National Education, TSEK and laboratories, MKEK and Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Railway Plants, Sugar Machine Plants, Turkish Oils, Shipyards. Among the firms which we sell their products in Turkey, we may mention Encortherm, Durmazlar Makina, Uçaklar Makine, Zwick Turkey, Hidromode, Altınay Robotic, BlastmanRobotics, ScanminAfrica. We also provide the after-sale services for the products which we sell.

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